Why Work
with BluMine Health?

Because you deserve to understand health care costs and benefits and they reside with companies and families every day.  

Companies who have a large workforce generally face some common hurdles when dealing with employee health care costs:

  • Lack of access or long drives to the doctor
  • Length of time away from the office/factory floor when employees need to make a routine visit with their physician
  • Lack of primary care access that creates more missed maintenance checkups and declines in medication plan adherence.
  • High retention/low turnover company’s populations have a higher need for care
  • High emergency room utilizations often results in lower delivery of preventative care.

When companies work with an on-site / near-site care center provider such as BluMine Health, many of these problems can be reduced and even eliminated.  Consider these benefits:

The Benefits

Lowered costs – According to a recent study , on-site care centers can reduce employee usage of emergency rooms and urgent care office visits.


Improved productivity – BluMine Health near-site care centers reduce your employee’s time out of the office for doctor visits.  For instance, an average trip to the doctor’s office can run an employee 1.5 to 2 hours away from the workplace.  By contrast, the average BluMine Health visit to an onsite care center is only 30 minutes; including drive time.


Improved regulatory compliance – When care center screenings are near-site, BluMine Health staff can interface with employees on their routine exam needs and screenings.  Such encounters are necessary for wellness, medication and regulatory compliance.  These encounters are also an important burden from your HR department.  Best of all, our records and reporting will make it easy to stay one step ahead in your regulatory paperwork.


Reduced referrals – When employees get good preventative care, specialist referrals are managed to efficiencies instead of necessities.  Preventative medicine keeps many indirect medical necessities from reoccurring.


Lowered workman’s compensation benefits – Employees are less likely to come to work sick, and when people are getting the health care they need, work related incidents, injuries and illnesses are reduced.   When accidents occur, and they will, the scope of services with an BluMine Health on-site / near site care center can help with the treatment to manage and minimize larger necessities of complex care.


Improved morale and recruitment – A healthier workforce is as happier workforce. Companies who have the “gold standard” in health care benefits, with lower out-of-pocket expenses for employees, will always be the winners in the war for good employee talent.

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