Better Health Care,
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In today’s competitive hiring environment, having a robust benefits package and access to good health care is crucial in retaining the employees that have selected you to invest their career.

That benefits package, that good access to health care, and that retention cost is often centered around the health care program you provide. Not far down the road from any of those items, is how to encourage, incent, and support employees being more proactive about their own health.

BluMine Health addresses the employer health care challenges by offering a primary care center experience that is on-site or near site, Nurse Practitioner oriented, with the time and latitude provided to really care about the total health of your employees and their families. Best of all, you can offer them more health care access for far less. In fact, a recent analysis showed that on-site services reduced health care expenses not just for visits, but also at the emergency room. And that’s just where BluMine Health starts…..

We Also Begin with Data


When your company uses BluMine Health for its on-site care center and wellness management programs, electronic records are made available to additional physicians / specialists participating in your employees’ and their families care. Headaches over reporting errors are often eliminated because of our diligence in this delivery. And for overall plan management, it provides the kind of insight that population health care management requires to bend everyone’s cost curve.

With the highest regard for privacy and HIPAA compliance, we seek to help everyone involved to understand conditions that can be dealt with and how their treatment timelines fluctuate over the course of each year. We compare your employee health care outcomes month over month, year over year, to show the progress of preventative health care measures. We also compare your aggregate health against multiple databases to illustrate you can manage better outcomes. Most important, we show you the metrics that really count – short and long term.

When your employees have a wellness-focused care center close to home or work, and a variety of easy to access health care advisors and services, good health habits are formed. Treatment adherence goes up. Healthy behaviors increase. Preventative care and maintenance are accomplished…. by the book and on schedule. Employees pay less for their overall health care and reactive sickness less often. All of which results in a big boost in productivity, as well as morale and employee retention.

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