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When employees have a “medical home” clinic to come to at work, and a variety of easy to access health care advice and services outside of work, good things happen.

Treatment adherence goes up. Healthy behaviors increase. Preventative care and maintenance is done, by the book, and on schedule. Employees pay less for their health care overall, and get sick less often. All of which results in a big boost in productivity, not to mention morale and retention.

BluMine Health achieves these results with a unique blend of services, including:

Primary Care – Including convenient on-site clinics staffed by registered nurse practitioners, who handle a wide variety of treatments for standard, non-emergency illnesses and minor injuries at low to no co-pays for employees.

Wellness/Preventative Care– BluMine Health manages each employee’s preventative care, encouraging maintenance checks, medication adherence, and the adoption of healthier habits.

Occupational Health – BluMine Health can help arrange on site occupational health, mental health and rehab treatments for employees who are recovering from injury or illnesses.

Population Health Analysis – Entering all a company’s employee’s medical records into a common database, and comparing it against national databases, experts at BluMine Health can show how an employee base fares against the general population, and how much it has improved.  We can even predict what health concerns will be bubbling up next in the organization.

Telemedicine/Apps – To ensure employees who are enrolled with BluMine Health always have easy access to health care, we offer telemedicine access to specialists and our nurse practitioners through kiosks at the workplace.  We also have apps that they can use to connect with our health providers, request an appointment, or view their medical records.

BluMine Health for Employees

BluMine Health for Employers

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